About Immenhof Hunting

Anybody can offer you a trophy hunt, but only a few will offer you a great trophy hunt. Immenhof Hunting Safaris, does not only have an impeccable reputation, but will give you that memorable safari experience which gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you spent your money wisely and earned you the pride that you also invested in conservation and thus the survival of the sport you so cherish… Hunting!

At Immenhof Hunting Safaris, we pride ourselves in having the flexibility to offer the discerning hunter and hunting photography team exactly what they want. Instead of making, everyone fit into ordinary safaris that are designed without you as the unique client that you are. We create a custom-tailored safari just for you, taking your distinctive needs and desires into account.

The Team


As a small boy, Werner already joined his father on his hunts and soon learned to appreciate and respect the wildlife on Immenhof and in Namibia in general. Being taught the secrets of hunting by the San Bushman, he soon became a great hunter valuing the old school fair chase walk and stalk. Werner is the 4th generation Von Seydlitz family that grew up on Immenhof; he is passionate and serious about sustainable utilization of fauna and flora, especially on Immenhof and Namibia. Being compassionate about hunting, he shares the excitement of a successful hunt with his hunters.


When Friedhelm shot his first Kudu for meat supplies for the family, his passion for nature conservation and selective hunting started. Conservation of game and sustainable utilization thereof became of great importance to him and led to his success story. Today Friedhelm is one of Namibia’s finest legendary hunting guides. He started his formal hunting career in 1974 when he wrote his formal PH examination with the first professionals in Namibia. Being a founding Member of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association, Friedhelm shares his vision that trophy hunting is the most effective way of conservation.


Willibald has been part of the Immenhof team more than 25 years. He started being a tracker and worked his way up to become one of Immenhof finest Hunting Guides. He has excellent guiding skills who loves to share his knowledge on fauna & flora, game tracking, which gives him the fantastic ability to offer the adventures walk & stalk experience that our hunting clients are craving for.