Namibia possesses some of the most spectacular landscapes in Africa, and a trip through the country is one of the great road adventures. Namibia is often called “the land of contrasts”… from the sub tropic north to the savannah of the Kalahari to the dry, barren Namib Desert. Natural wonders such as that mighty gash in the earth at Fish River Canyon and the world’s highest dunes at Sossusvlei, the beautiful Epupa Falls with the famous Himba tribe, also the wildlife utopia of various National Parks e.g. Etosha, Waterberg Plateau, Namib Naukluft, Mudumu, Khaudum, Mahangu and the astonishing beauty of the Damaraland, Kaokoveld and Bushmanland. Nevertheless, it’s the lonely desert roads where mighty slabs of granite rise out of swirling desert sands that will sear themselves in your mind. It’s like a coffee-table book come to life as sand dunes in the world’s oldest desert meet the crashing rollers along the wild Atlantic coast.

Namibia is also the headquarters of adventure activities in the region, so whether you are a dreamer or love hearing the crunch of earth under your boots, travel in Namibia will stay with you long after the desert vistas fade.