The unique setting of Immenhof covers a diverse landscape ranging from open plains to thorn bush savannah, along dry river beds winding through solid granite outcrops, most hunts are conducted old school walk and stalk fair chase ethical hunts or from hides at waterholes. Ample game and professional guides ensure the best possible chance on superior quality trophies.

Immenhof Hunting Ranch consists of 12, 500 acres hunting area, 20 miles north-west from Omaruru and is one of the most versatile and best areas to hunt in Namibia today. We also have exclusive hunting areas close to Immenhof with more than 500 000 acres in total. Each hunting area offers unique possibilities for hunting, and a completely different landscape. We offer over 25 huntable game species, from the little Damara Dikā€“Dik to the majestic greater Kudu, as well as several bird species.

Depending on the hunters trophy wish list, we will not only focus on one hunting area but also utilize what Namibia has to offer, and put together high quality plains game and big game safaris in the best areas with the best trophy quality.